How to check the credibility of a company offering loans without BIK?

If you urgently need additional funds, it’s easy to make a mistake – all you have to do is not check if the company you are going to borrow from is reliable.
Non-bank companies have been operating on the Polish market for a long time. payday loans and loans without BIK. There are so many that it is difficult to list them all. As a person who needs a quick loan, you certainly don’t have time to compare offers carefully. This is a big mistake – you may find that you sign a loan agreement that is very unfavorable to you. How to avoid it It turns out that there are several ways to quickly verify the credibility of a non-bank company. Below you will find a handful of valuable tips that will allow you to borrow without unnecessary risk.

Check out our database of companies providing quick loans

 Check out our database of companies providing quick loans

Do you want to borrow money from a company that operates on the market legally? So take advantage of our help – we publish information about companies that are popular and trusted by customers. It is these entities that are included in the lists prepared by us.
Are you looking for a loan without a BIK? Look HERE and see which company will grant you such a loan without any unnecessary formalities.

What information can be found on the non-bank company’s website?

 What information can be found on the non-bank company's website?

Chwilówki are loans granted mainly via the Internet. This is for a reason – in this way the customer can both quickly request and receive money. To apply for a loan, you must complete the form on the website of the selected company. While on it, you should pay attention to the information published there. Particularly important is the information that is written in a small poppy at the bottom of the page.
On the website of each reliable non-bank company you will find information about its address. However, this is not all – check whether the entity belongs to the Association of Loan Companies. If so, you can be sure that it will meet both business and ethical standards set by this institution.
Some loan companies inform on their pages about the technological security measures used (e.g. encrypted connections). Also worth paying attention to. Why? Remember that by completing the form on the site, you will provide your personal data. You want them to be safe, right? Therefore, the connection should be encrypted – only in this way the data you transfer is not in the hands of random people.

What do other borrowers say about the company?

What do other borrowers say about the company?

Are you interested in a loan without BIK? Or maybe you are going to borrow for the first time and therefore you are looking for a PLN 0 loan? Today, verifying a non-bank company is fairly simple, and this is because there are many websites on the network, where customers can comment on individual lenders.
If you want to be sure that you will borrow money from a reliable non-bank company, it is worth checking what opinions of existing customers have about it. This will also make it easier for you to make the final decision – you’ll be able to choose a company that offers consumers the best terms.
When reviewing reviews, pay attention to how borrowers evaluate individual products and what they think about the procedures used by lending companies.

Contract – why should you read it carefully?

 Contract - why should you read it carefully?

Have you decided to get a loan without BIK? Before the funds are sent to your account, you will receive a contract to the e-mail address provided. You should carefully read the content of this document. Pay particular attention to:
Costs associated with granting such a loan. The contract should include both the loan amount and information about additional fees that you will be required to pay.
Costs that the company will be able to charge if you fail to comply with the contract. How much will it cost you to receive the prompt? How often does a non-banking company intend to exhibit such? Although you certainly do not assume that you will not pay the debt on time, it is worth to secure yourself for every occasion. If you had problems paying back the loan, you will know how much it will cost you.

Information on loan repayment – make sure you know when and how much money you have to give back to a non-bank company.

 Information on loan repayment - make sure you know when and how much money you have to give back to a non-bank company.

If it happens that you sign the loan agreement at the company’s headquarters, do not let them hurry up. It is good that you can read the content of the contract in the comfort of your home – this way you will think through every point of this document.
What should make you vigilant?
Not only contract deficiencies should cause you to start looking for another non-bank company. You should be cautious when:

  • The company requests payment for the loan application – remember that honest companies do not charge a loan
  • The verification transfer is much higher than PLN 0.10 – an honest non-bank company usually requires a verification transfer of PLN 0.11, and some even resign from such customer verification
  • The company appears on the list of public warnings of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (the list can be found HERE)

Remember – there are many reliable non-bank companies on the Polish market, where you can take out payday loans for 0 PLN or a loan without BIK, which means that you don’t have to take additional risk.